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It doesn’t get more real than this.

A global pandemic, sustained violence against Black lives, brazen attacks by white supremacists, climate catastrophe, and pervasive economic injustice are evidence that our systems are failing us.

We can choose to be together differently. And we can start now.

We can engage one another and our communities with mutual care.

We can reimagine collective systems where we are all safe and well.

We can build the kind of governance we know is possible.

This is how #WeGovern.

Our actions add up to the world we’re building. Join us in committing to these agreements as a path toward what’s possible.

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It doesn’t get more real than this.

Governance is the process by which people determine the norms and rules that guide people’s everyday life and behavior, including:

Our systems are failing all of us. Indeed, they were never built to serve many of us, especially Black, Indigenous, queer, and trans people, immigrants and refugees, those with disabilities, elders, and young people who are saying--and have been saying for generations--that we all deserve better.

The world we envision is only possible if we operate from mutual care, based on the beliefs that:

We govern together

We keep each other safe

We thrive together

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